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It’s extremely important to make sure your brand is consistent throughout your website. Again, it’s really easy not to pay much attention to the contact page, but Combadi does a good job of making a consistent looking page. You can also see the attention to detail used in creating the page and the contact form. 

The page explains thoroughly how responsive they are to questions: “We are incredibly responsive to your requests and value your questions.” Then they actually list out what people will get when they ask a question, including a promise for a short response time of 12 hours or fewer. The page also includes easy-to-read contact information, social media buttons, links to offers, and even a list of recently published blog posts. Well done.

As we continue down this list, you’ll notice a growing trend of designers and developers utilizing maps to show locations. It’s really a fair trick, but what I like about Welikesmall is their usage of an actual sky shot of their location. On top of that, they have used a really creative way to display all the necessary contact information.

Ready to get inspired? Below, we’ve curated 12 examples of some of the best ‘Contact Us’ pages out there. Check ’em out — and think about how you can incorporate some of these ideas into your own contact page design. (To browse more ‘Contact Us’ pages, check out Crayon’s ongoing collection of contact page designs here.)

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