Glory Ages – Samurais Unlimited Money and Healt will certainly carry you to middle ages Japan. In the video game you obtain tactical Samurai sword fights, smart challengers, all type of tools, various areas and also limitless setting.

Glory Ages - Samurais apk

1. Expert system.
We functioned a very long time to make the adversaries smart.
They can side-step you, circle, counterattack and also obstruct your strikes throughout the battle. They respond to the fatality of their soldiers as well as additionally gesture in numerous means throughout the fight.

Glory Ages - Samurais mod

2. Countless personalities and also tools. Various sensible middle ages Japanese tools, numerous sort of  swords, substantial collection of katanas and also all sort of personalities with their very own qualities.

3. Large tactical fights.
You need to consider exactly how to defeat your adversaries, when to obstruct their strikes and also when to strike. The fierceness that can conserve your life at a defining moment, instantaneously damaging lots of the adversary, builds up throughout the battle. You can level up your fight experience or enhance your personality’s tools.

Glory Ages - Samurais mod apk

4. Graphics as well as audio.
An extraordinary degree of graphics and also audio enhancement. A vibrant atmosphere behind-the-scenes incorporated with thematic songs.

5. Climatic setting.
10 various areas under various climate condition from wintertime cities to stormy swamps.

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Glory Ages - Samurais MOD


Above you have given a full description of the Glory Ages – Samurais and their features, now know what we think of it With exciting music and realistic battles, Glory Ages – Samurais will transport the player to medieval Japan in deadly fights against intelligent opponents . The game features well-crafted animations and sound effects that match what happens on the screen, giving rise to stunning violent scenes. In addition, Glory Ages – Samurais features high definition graphics, full of textures, creating a very realistic environment. The fighting system is rather complex. In Glory Ages – Samurais, it’s not enough to keep attacking at all times to perform combos and win fights: you have to be careful to block and dodge at the right time. Fortunately the game has controls are simple and accurate, avoiding that mistakes are made. Although Glory Ages – Samurais provide a good variety of characters and swords with unique features, the prices of items are high and the best items can only be purchased through cash purchase. At least he does not have too many advertisements and most of the time the player can choose to see them for some benefit. With this, Glory Ages – Samurais should yield many hours of fun. We recommend.